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Based on 9316 reviews
Loved it very much

The quality and selection of the beers are great and the delivered is always on time. Tasted a great variety and learned a lot about beers. Got one for my fiance as well who loved it so much that he decided to gift his dad the same. I would certainly recommend it.

It was a big hit

My husband is all for tasting new beers and keeping them in his little stock. He was really surprised and impressed with the beers we received in this subscription. They were good to taste and always interesting to know more about them from the info cards. You can't get a better gift for a beer lover. My husband is really happy with it. Thank you!

Wizard Wolf
Makes a great party drink

Tried it on a recommendation and found it good. It was pretty crisp but the mouthfeel was slightly empty. Light body with medium carbonation makes it an easy drink for casual drinking sessions or a get together with friends. Recommended.

Wizard Wolf
Must try this one

My husband really loved this beer. There was a fruity hint of fruits like grapefruit, melon, pineapple and a bit of orange, with lots of grassy hops on the nose with a lively fizz. It was delivered on time and the service was really good.

Wizard Wolf
Enjoyable and refreshing

Got a crate of this beer as a gift from a business associate. It was a delicious pale ale with a nice aroma and sweetness of vanilla combined with some dark notes and a citrus flavor. It is basically a bitter and dry drink with grapefruit rind. Overall it's a really nice combination of old-traditional haze and hops. Quite liked it.

Smooth and flavorsome

It had slightly hazy straw and a moderate head. Though it was a bit sweeter than I what I prefer but not too sweet. Very little hop but really smooth. You might also catch a spicy touch underneath it all. could be given a try.

A spicy and aromatic drink in gold

I bought this as a gift for my boyfriend for Christmas and he liked it much. It was new to me but he knew quite a lot about it. It was a medium bodied drink with a certain creaminess to it. There were spicy notes of clove and black pepper with a hint of banana. It was refreshing and lovely. Recommended.

Liked it

My brother got this one for our dad as a casual present. It was a strong ale with a great flavor. The alcohol percent was a bit high, but it was a refreshing drink nonetheless. I would recommend it.

Tarty, dry and sweet

It had a very pleasant aroma with lots of fruity and tarty guava notes with hints of lime. Appears a hazy gold with a slight ring of white head. It was very unlike the other ales I had, but I enjoyed it. Happy with the service.

A pretty good one

Got it as a present and had a great day enjoying it. It has brilliant aromas Aroma of fruity with some herbal character. Its flavor has an acidic fruitiness, and a hint of caramelized sugar. With a fairly lively carbonation, it makes a great refreshing drink. Recommended.

It was great

With a nice ring of tan head and slight lacing, the beer reminds you of guava throughout. The nose is fruity with light yeasts. It had a light body with average carbonation and a tang of bright acidity. Overall, it was a likable drink. Received it on time in a great state.

Pretty solid and creamy

My husband got a little crate of this one as a casual gift from a client and we found it amazing. It pours deep black and had a rich cocoa content. The mouthfeel was creamy and full, with a great mid-palate complexity and hints of sweet chocolate. Would make a nice drink for a little party. Recommended.

Liked it

I have tasted many beers and this one falls in the nice ones among them. It was very smooth, with subtle and mild flavor. It is simple but really enjoyable with a long-lasting head. Due to its association with cask. a certain woodiness is evidently notable in the taste. It's worth giving a try.

Happy with it

Got it for my sister and she appreciated it. It reached her on time and she was quite impressed with its notes and flavors. Would like to order it again. Thanks!

Laser Show
Liked it

Received it as a gift and really liked the way it felt and tasted. It had a medium sized white head with a light musk and a bit of citrus on the nose. Average medium bodied and a bit of wheat with light lemon. It also had a hint of bitterness with a melon undertone. Quite relishable and great to enjoy with your folks.

Worth giving a try

Got this on my birthday for my friends and they loved it. The beer tasted of espresso and roasted malt with the similar aroma. Bitter hops and bitter chocolate. It had a bit thin body but it can't be called bad. It was delivered at the requested time and the service is really appreciable. Would recommend it.

Liked it very much

As a beer enthusiast, I would say that this beer has impressed me a lot. It pours a lovely clear reddish brown with a big white head. Aromas majorly remind you of caramel with some maltiness. Taste is great with a slight bitterness in the finish. A nice .clean drink. Would have it again.

Different but great

It had a great aroma with tangy, hoppy roast character. The flavor was sweetish fruity with a malt base. Medium bodied with a nice palate and moderate carbonation. It was not exactly what I expected but it was really good. Yes, would like to have it again.

Good stuff

This was a brilliant gift I got from my brother. The carbonation was low, and the mouthfeel was a bit watery. One might find the finish a bit sour. The hint of tropical fruit is strong throughout, with some light notes of wheat and minerals in the end. Really nice stuff. Recommended.

happy customer

I ordered this for my brother's birthday. He loved it. He called when he got it and was going on and on about how cool it was. He couldn't wait to try a couple of the beers he'd never had before.he also loved the info card about the beers. I also added gourmet foods as an add on and he told me that they were of great quality too and is already chomping on them.Great surprise for him.

Awesome gift

It was housewarming present from a friend, and though I had it for the first time, it felt really good. It tasted great with perfect aromas of fruits and some rich earthy tones and had a lovely, full body The packaging was great too. Would like to give it a go again.

Laser Show
Easy to drink

It was a flavorful drink with a fruity aroma of lime and grapefruit and a medium carbonation. It had a fruity nose and a warm cap with a great lacing. I would surely love to have it again. Thanks for the service.

Laser Show
Decent packaging, nice service.

After my bad experience with another site, I feel compelled to review this as it was my second order here and it was a hit as was the first one. The delivery was exactly on time with a good quality product. It was a smooth beer with very clean and fruity maltiness and moderate carbonation. Loved it.

Impressed with your services

This is my second subscription here and I am really impressed with the service provided. Great beers; and it's fun to wait for them and be surprised with a new variety. No complaints at all. Totally recommended.

It can't get better than this

Did not know what to expect from this subscription as it claims to get you imported, European beers. But the first shipment was enough for me to know this is going to be great. The beers were delicious and refreshing. Shared them with my friends and they loved them too.